DOTTS Newsletter – February 2024 – Issue 7

What have you missed? DOTTS round-up of activity, achievements and industry news

This month we are sharing updates on new OTP competencies that are available on Sentinel and also changes to existing competencies and what this now means for you.

We can now deliver Hand Trolley Controller (PTMP16) competence

From 4th December 2023, PTMP16 [Hand Trolley Controller] became an industry wide Sentinel competences and can only be delivered and awarded by RTAS Assured Providers and Assured Trainers.

What does this mean for you?

As from 31st December 2024, any non-Sentinel competence certification presented to work on NRMI will NOT be accepted.

What are DOTTS doing to support this change?

Two trainers from Team DOTTS have now been awarded this capability and we have a number of hand Trolleys at our venue in Ripley, Derbyshire to be able to train this competence and award on sentinel.

Please contact [email protected] for more information on course dates and prices.

Skills Bootcamps for Operators is finally here!

Skilled training should be one of our top funding priorities. We have a shortage of RRV and Dozer operators in the Rail and Construction industry respectively, and the single biggest blocker has been the cost of training. DOTTS have worked with Intertrain to remove this blocker and introduce an opportunity for Employers to obtain funding for up to 70%, for large enterprises, and 90% for SME’s, of the cost of upskilling the existing workforce in these areas.

What does this mean for you?

DOTTS have been awarded a 2 year framework to deliver two new skills bootcamps; RRV Operator (OTP) and Dozer Operator (Construction). The bootcamps start from March 2024 and run for ten days each, offering the chance for 70 learners across each bootcamp each year to learn new skills. The bootcamps have been designed to target existing 360 operators who want to progress their skills in either the Rail industry as an RRV Operator or in the construction Industry as a Dozer Operator.

Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first 4 sharpening the axe……

Last summer, Network Rail released a new competence OTP04 – Control of Any Line Open on Sentinel. Team DOTTS have been delivering this course for half a year and it is showing no signs of slowing down yet.

So here is a round up of key facts that our clients should know:

  • OTP04 does NOT differentiate between planners and co-ordinators – all learners attending the course are expected to pass both elements.
  • Up to 6 learners are permitted on the course, and the pre-requisites are PTS and Medical Level 2. OTP Core is NOT required, although would be advantageous.
  • The competence, once awarded on sentinel, last for 4 years. The sentinel competence is designed to replace any in house competence and individuals have until 10th February 2025 to transition over to OTP04 before in house tickets are no longer accepted on the infrastructure.

So why choose DOTTS for ALO?

DOTTS are a specialist OTP provider, employing operational trainers with ample experience in Plant Operations including Lift Planning and ALO. We have two RRV’s available for training, fitted with GKD 3RCI systems able to be set-up to demonstrate the practical scenarios of ALO, bringing the planning and coordination aspects of the course to life. We pride ourselves on our ability to demonstrate proper planning followed by great execution to enable our clients to have confidence in a competent and safer workforce.