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Doctore On Track Training Services Ltd (DOTTS) provides high quality, value for money, training, assessment and accreditation services to the Construction and Rail industries.

What We Do

Initial Training & Assessment

Recertification and Familiarisation

Aftercare, Support and Mentoring

Individually Tailored Courses & Packages

We are a RISQS accredited and an NSAR Assured Provider of Rail Training and Assessments and employ CITB accredited trainers and testers. Our wide range of training courses are available to individuals and groups and for all railway, civil and construction companies. We cater for every individual to provide bespoke and tailored training and assessment packages. We can supply the knowledge and experience necessary to assist individuals into their career of choice; whether that be as a novice plant operator or an experienced plant operator wanting to make the transition into rail.



On Track Plant (OTP) including Operator, Machine Controller and Crane Controller
*Qualifications under the Sentinel framework and assured by NSAR* 

CPCS Red Operator Card
*Qualifications as part of the NOCN group – Provided through various accredited test centres nationwide*

Level 2 NVQ’s (Blue Operator cards) for Plant and Lifting Operations
*Qualifications registered and accredited with SQA*


“Our vision is to become the provider of choice, working alongside our clients and learners, developing strong relationships and alliances, whilst also being recognised for making a positive difference to industry performance and peoples’ lives.

Our people define what we are; our team pride themselves on delivering exceptional services and are renowned for their passion, integrity and high standards” 

Katie Baker, Managing Director

Why Choose Doctore On Track Training Services


Renowned for its professional service


Value for money, without substituting the quality of the service delivered


Individually tailored courses or package courses to suit your needs


Knowledgeable and industry experienced instructors

Construction training Midlands

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Years established

How we Started

Doctore On Track Training Services Ltd was founded in 2016. With a team of trainer and assessors in the Construction and Rail Industry, Doctore are ready to offer clients next level training services.

The origin of the Company name, Doctore (pronounced Doc-Tor-Rae) On Track Training Services, was taken from inspiration from the film Spartacus. A Doctore is the title given to the lead trainer of the Gladiators in a Ludas, which is the Latin name for Training Academy. A Doctore is one who has served as a skilled gladiator in his earlier days, much like the trainer/assessors, with years served as Plant Operators and a furthermore as an industry experienced trainer/instructors.

The head of a Ludas, in Latin, would be referred to as a Lanista who has the responsibility of looking after the Gladiators; Katie has over 10 years’ experience as a Project Manager and Consultant working with many individuals and companies to deliver their projects and needs. The new focus for Katie is to work with all clients to assess and deliver their training needs by managing the day to day operation of the Training Centre, ensuring quality of the provision of services to all clients.

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