Machine Controller – Highway Permissible Vehicle
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Machine Controller - Highway Permissible Vehicle

At the end of the training the delegate will be able to:

  • Describe how Highway Permissible Vehicle is designed to function under normal operating conditions
  • Describe what equipment documentation and checks required to comply with the relevant rules and regulations
  • Describe what preparatory checks need to be completed on the machine including:
    • Pre-start checks/maintenance are complete/documented
    • Machine Controller's checklist is completed
    • Brakes are operational and fit for purpose
    • Emergency protection equipment is available
  • Briefly describe the main functions of all relevant controls available to the Highway Permissible Vehicle Driver/Operator, especially those which may also be used by the Machine Controller in an emergency
  • Avoid the Highway Permissible Vehicle being placed in an un-braked condition
  • Demonstrate their ability to read a work plan and communicate its content effectively
  • Control the movement of the Highway Permissible Vehicle taking into account:
    • Status of the infrastructure - Condition of the track, Position and type of points,
      Obstructions caused by infrastructure equipment/structures and/or other work, How to establish the extent of the movement
    • Where the movements are - Towing, Propelling
    • What information needs to be given to the Driver/Operator and how to confirm the Driver/Operator understands the extent of the movement
  • Whilst authorising a movement of the Highway Permissible Vehicle the delegate should be able to explain how they would take account of:
    • Worksites and people working in the immediate area
    • Other machines working adjacent to the machine being operated
    • Obstructions caused by infrastructure equipment/structures and/or other work
    • Level crossings
    • Other lines open to traffic
    • Passengers on platforms
Upcoming Dates
Initial Training
1 Day
Midlands Heritage Railway, Swanwick Junction, Butterley

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