Excavator 360 – Above 10 Tonnes – Tracked or Wheeled and (optional) Lifting (Endorsements A or B inc. C)
Excavator 360 - Above 10 Tonnes - Tracked or Wheeled and (optional) Lifting (Endorsements A or B inc. C)
Novice: 7-9 Days
Intermediate: 4-5 Days
Experienced: 1 Day
Test Only: 1 Day
*Course Duration does not include the CPCS test

During training courses, you will be shown how to:

  • Identify the risk associated with machine configuration
  • Identify the key components of the machine, for their purpose and correct operation
  • Carry out basic maintenance and fault finding to enable correct operation
  • Undertake correct start-up procedures, including all safety and function tests, and prepare to work
  • Locate correct information from Operators manual
  • Manoeuvre the machine correctly up and down slopes (travelling) with correct dipper and boom configuration, and through restrictions
  • Identify what bucket/attachment to use for the task
  • Safely attach and detach ancillary attachments with an understanding of how all types of quick hitch bucket attachment systems work
  • Bulk excavate and fine grade/trim excavation works
  • Excavate in layers and work to levels with the aid of laser equipment/GPS (if applicable)
  • Backfill correctly
  • Work with other machines efficiently and safely i.e. Dozer and ADT
  • Position machine correctly to load vehicles
  • Undertake correct shutdown procedures (machine dependent)


End Point Assessment: Knowledge & skills you will be assessed on (theory / practical)

  • Understand current H & S legislation including: lifting operations, lifting equipment regulations and lifting signals to BS7121
  • Carrying out pre-start and running checks on the machine
  • Learn how to set the excavator for site travel
  • Travel over differing types of terrain, including undulating ground and slope
  • Manoeuvre in confined areas using forward & reverse direction
  • Set the excavator for relevant duties
  • Produce a vertical trench to the specified dimensions
  • Produce 2 x straight trenches to form a ‘T’ pattern with square starts and finishes
  • Load material into a vehicle
  • Remove the bucket and replace with an alternative
  • Lift the load from minimum radius, position the load at 75% of full radius and rotate for a minimum of 180 degrees. On completion land the load at a given point and detach.
  • Reinstate the work area back to the original state
  • Shutdown and secure procedure.
  • Explain loading and unloading procedures on and off a transporter
  • Proof of passing the Health and Safety Touch Screen Test (passed within the last 2 years)
  • Photographic ID (CSCS Card, Driving Licence, UK Passport, CPCS Card)
  • National Insurance number
Test Duration
Theory Test: 30 Minutes
Practical Test: 2 Hours 45 Minutes (without C) or 3 Hours 15 Minutes (with C)
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