DOTTS Newsletter – October 2023 – Issue 4

What have you missed? DOTTS round-up of activity, achievements and industry news

This month we are sharing updates on new OTP competencies that are available on Sentinel and also changes to existing competencies and what this now means for you.

We don’t just train you, we also train our own

The past few months saw team DOTTS develop one of their own team, Paul Pennucci. Paul has been undertaking training to deliver a new capability of Crane Controller.

Paul is an operational trainer and many of you will see him on weekends acting as a Machine Controller/Crane Controller (MC/CC). Over the last year Paul has been refining his delivery for MC categories and with DOTTS continued growth we’ve invested into Paul’s development so he is able to deliver more.

What does this mean for you?

If you want your learners to receive MC/CC training from trainers who are operational, relatable, understand first hand problems MC/CC’s face on the job, and are passionate about making a difference then DOTTS are the right training provider for you.

Thread carefully!

Did you know, that although the Rail Thimble is regarded by many as a powered lifting device, its control competence is actually covered by CC Group 6 – Rail Management.

What does this mean for you?

If you are required to work with a Thimble, Drag-clamp or Rail Turner to manage rail, then you will need the CC Group 6 – Rail Management category.

DOTTS are running two dedicated courses on 6th and 7th November for this category with limited availability.

You know your love, keeps on lifting me Higher…….

Higher and Higher………In this case, we are talking about fibre lifting slings and the love and appreciation we must show them. It is still a widely miss-held belief that fibre slings can be used for lifting up until the point that they fail! This is NEVER an acceptable practice. All lifting slings must undergo statutory inspection by a competent person no less than once every six months, and only those with valid LOLER certification and have also been inspected as fit for use prior to attaching to the load must be used.

What does this mean for you?

Lifting slings are part of the passage to your ability to earn a wage as an MC/CC or Operator and should be treated with respect, along with other aspects associated with lifting activities.

If you are a company that would like to learn more about the fine art of load slinging then DOTTS can support by offering training and recertification for this category.

DOTTS are running two dedicated courses on 13th-14th November and 15th-16th November for this category with limited availability.

P.S Extra DOTTS bonus if you can name the singer of those lyrics.