DOTTS Newsletter – July 2023 – Issue 1

What have you missed? DOTTS round-up of activity, achievements and industry news

This month we are sharing updates on new OTP competencies that are available on Sentinel and also changes to existing competencies and what this now means for you.

Control of Any Line Open (ALO) – OTP 04

Sentinel have now released a new competence “Control of Any line open” which is to replace any current “in-house” tickets for individuals who undertake ALO planning or ALO Co-ordinator activity on the infrastructure

What does this mean for you?

Individuals have until 10th February 2025 to transfer over to the new competence Control of ALO – OTP04 and the course is now combined to cover both planning and co-ordination of ALO aspects.

What are dotts doing to support this change?

DOTTS have two licensed trainers able to train this new competence. Whilst predominantly classroom based, DOTTS as a specialist OTP provider shall be aiming to cover the course as a mix of both theoretical and practical activity utilising our Plant and Equipment on our Heritage Railway and making this as real to life as possible.

OTP Core is moving to E-Learning from August 2023

OTP Core is still a pre-requisite to working as either a machine/crane controller or an operator on the infrastructure, however the OTP Core module will NOT show in sentinel for anyone who has completed the E-Learning.

What does this mean for you?

E-Learning for OTP Core will now be available through sponsors through a platform called MOODLE and all individuals prior to booking onto their first OTP course will need to demonstrate eligibility via proof of E-Learning completion i.e. certificate prior to the event.

What are dotts doing to support this change?

DOTTS are planning to run E-learning support dates for individuals and sponsors who would like to undertake this module with direction from time-served OTP trainers.

Single Axle Trolleys require the ATT 27 and MC Group 4 competence

Network Rail have now mandated that all MEWP Operators or MC MEWPS must also obtain the OTP ATT 27 Trailer or MC Group 4 competence if they are likely to be working with a two wheeled trolley.

What does this mean for you?

Those individuals who do not hold the additional competencies and are currently working with 2-wheeled trolleys are placing themselves at risk on the infrastructure.

What are dotts doing to support this change?

DOTTS can deliver MC Group 4 and ATT 27 training courses which will cover the operation of both 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled trolleys and will enable sponsors to add this to individuals Authority to Work cards.