Site Ready Plant Operator Courses

What do we mean by site ready courses?… Well this isn’t just a digger loading a truck which then tips the load back into the same place that it has been dug from. Site ready courses simulate “muckshifting” which is moving copious amounts of material from one area to another area to a) create various formations or b) to build and design surfaces, whether that be for buildings to be erected on, or to change the landscape of the area on a permanent basis. DOTTS specialise in heavy plant operational training centred around simulating a real life environment. We focus on Dozer, Excavator and Dumptruck training only, to provide our candidates with the necessary skillsets and methods to take away and use in the real world.

CPCS Training


Become a Red Card holder

In the UK, sufficient training is necessary to operate Plant skilfully and safely, as well as pass the CPCS test to become a ‘Red Card’ holder. 


Experienced Instructors

All training courses by DOTTS are delivered by industry experienced and time served instructors.

Levels of Training :

The levels of training we offer are:

Beginner (Rookie/Tiro) 5-10 days
Intermediate (Champion) 3-5 days
Expert/Refresher (Gladiator) 1-2 days

Note: Instructors will recommended a duration dependent on your current skill level and experience at initial consultation.

Where can I train?  :

All CPCS Training is delivered from Training Centres located in either East or West Midlands.

(How do I know if I am ready to take the Test?

DOTTS will work with you throughout your training to judge your experience and level of expertise in your chosen category.  We can usually assess during our initial consultation the level you require, however we will continue to monitor your progress throughout the training sessions and provide you with regular feedback.

How much does it cost?

1-2-1 training – £420 per day inclusive of VAT
Shared/Group training – £275 per person per day inclusive of VAT

Note: Group training sessions have a maximum of 2-3 delegates (dependent on machine category) to ensure sufficient time with the machine and the instructor

The DOTTS guarantee

If you are ready to take the test in your category before your allocated training time is up, then you will only pay for the training you need and have received.

Are you ready to book with us?

Send us a message and one of our instructors will call you for your initial consultation.

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